Paragon Boar 25mm with Paragon Style Handle

Paragon Boar 25mm with Paragon Style Handle

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Boar - 25mm

First of all, we began in this hobby as fan boys. We started with an Omega brush. Loved it. Tried then a Semogue. Loved it. We then set ourselves to find a boar supplier that could deliver the best of both worlds. We believe we found it. 

A fantastic un-dyed Boar hair knot at 25mm of diameter and plenty loft to allow for a generous break in and fantastic performance after a few uses. We Love it!



We love wood, we tried many local and regional types and we fell in love with Mahogany and Cedar from the Central American Region. These trees come from the area stretching from Honduras, El Salvador and all the way up to some places in Guatemala and Mexico.

They are not only strong woods, but they carry inherent properties to behave favorably in an environment where they will be exposed to water. 

Our main line of handles will be made in Mahogany.