Barber Shop Gift Set

Barber Shop Gift Set

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Save BIG on the set of Barber Shop products!

Gift Set includes:  1 Aftershave Splash 100ml, 1 Bar soap 4oz, and 1 Vegan Shaving Soap 4oz.

No substitutions please.

This classic powdery, light musky scent will take you back to memories of your first visits to the barbershop.        

There’s something about the feeling of a trip to the barbershop that can’t quite be duplicated. The smells of the tonics and powders, the open conversation, the feeling of being in good company. The old school.

So lather up, take a trip down memory lane...and get your swagger on.

A powdery scent with hints of Bay Rum, Sandalwood and Patchouli.